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Lari Hatley

Lari Hatley
Lari has served as a Director of Development, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Director of Admissions and Alumni Relations. She has been a one-person office and managed large staffs. She is currently a nonprofit consultant with clients across the nation.

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Four Approaches to Finding Prospective Students

Posted by Lari Hatley on Apr 4, 2018 9:27:28 PM

 Independent schools have a valuable role to play. Every child deserves a good education, an education that empowers them to be their best. Your school has something unique to offer that may meet the needs of many mission appropriate children in your area. Perhaps it is your instructional methodology, target population served, or areas where your students consistently excel such as performing or visual arts, the sciences, athletics, or writing.

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Re-engaging LYBNTS and SYBNTS

Posted by Lari Hatley on Jan 5, 2018 3:54:22 PM

LYBNTS (pronounced lie-bunts) and SYBNTS (pronounced sigh-bunts) are not characters from an episode of Dr. Who nor are they arcane baseball terms, but they are acronyms of potential gold for your annual fund.

LYBNTS are people who gave Last Year But Not This. SYBNTS are people who gave Some Year But Not This. At some point, these people cared enough about your mission to support it financially and, with careful cultivation, they may care enough to give again.

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Ten Keys to a Compelling Appeal Letter

Posted by Lari Hatley on Dec 5, 2017 2:28:46 PM

It is that time of year. Every nonprofit is asking for money. The annual fund is making its big push. The Development Office is taking advantage of the generous spirit of the holidays, and donors are hoping to give one more tax-deductible gift before midnight on December 31. So how do make your school’s appeal letter stand out? Here are some hints:

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Getting Your Board on Board

Posted by Lari Hatley on Oct 12, 2017 3:06:09 PM


Your board is key to the success of your annual fund, but it’s possible that comes as a surprise to them. If you are a director of development, an annual fund officer, or even the executive director or head of school, you may have heard comments, like these:

“We know the goal is high, but that is why we hired you.”
“Suzi (or John), will get the money for us.”

When you hear comments like these, it is time for some education!

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